Today I had to troubleshoot packet loss on a VMware virtual machine on Cisco UCS. I went through to the port group and saw the teaming was set to route based on IP Hash. They had set it this way for some Microsoft Load Balancing. If you take a look at the KB on VMware¬†site, it states that the physical switch ports be combined into an EtherChannel. Since the ports used in the port group were on two different Fabrics and I didn’t know of a way to setup Etherchannel on UCS on two different fabrics to a server, I ended up just changing the second port to standby.

Quick Summary:

Problem: Packet loss using IP hasing Load balancing because can’t create etherchannel to server from UCS with two different fabrics.

Kind of a solution: change the 2nd port to standby.
this post above is missing some ACL rules

cisco doc

mini-Howto: Cisco Router Debugging

Virtual Terminal Logging

In order to enable logging on your virtual terminal connection via telnet, type:

terminal monitor

Enable Debugging on Virtual Terminal

In order to enable debugging messages on your virtutal terminal, type:

undebug all
conf t
logging monitor debugging
logging on


Cisco routers can debug a whole lot of things. Let’s try a simple example:

debug isdn events

How do I turn this off again?

Yeah, right. You’re sick of all those messages and want to get rid of them without logging out and all this. Here you go:

undebug all
terminal no monitor
conf t
no logging monitor