Had a client the other day that required sound in his virtual desktop

Found the answer here: link1

Windows 2003 Server allows disabling certain resources in Remote Desktop sessions, and guess what? The sound is by default disabled for Windows Terminal Services sessions…

So, here is how to re-enable audio in TS sessions on Win2003:
– Launch “Control Panel” (Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel)
– In “Administrative Tools”, launch “Terminal Services Configuration”
– In the mmc applet, select the Connections node, select the RDP-Tcp session settings in the right pane, right click it and open the Properties page.
– Click the “Client Settings” tab
– In the bottom of this dialog where the “Disable the following:” section is, uncheck the “Audio mapping” which is checked by default.
– Ok the Properties dialog.

If you are connected already to a TS session, you’ll have to LogOut first (no, Disconnect won’t be enough!), then LogIn again to the server, and voila! Now your audio files should play fine.

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