[email protected](config-lag-Switch)#deploy
Telnet Session 3 in secondary port (14/4) of this LAG: Deploy Failed

 [email protected](config)#sh telnet
 Console connections:
 established, monitor enabled, privilege read-only
 165 days 41 minutes 57 seconds in idle
 Telnet server status: Enabled
 Telnet connections (inbound):
 1 established, client ip address, user is username, privilege super-user, in config mode
 using vrf default-vrf.
 you are connecting to this session
 1 seconds in idle
 2 closed
 3 closed
 4 closed
 5 closed
 Telnet connections (outbound):
 6 closed
 7 closed
 8 closed
 9 closed
 10 closed

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